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PC-9801 UV
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PC-9801 UV


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The PC-9801 UV is a model in the PC-9800 series, its the successor to the PC-9801 U.


The PC-9801 UV is the second model in what could be described as NEC's "compact series" of computers. Like it's predecessor it sports less expansion slots than the rest of the 9801 models and has built in 3½-inch drives that support both high density and double density floppy disks. The PC-9801 UV is the first model to have a built in Sound Board.

The first PC-9801 UV computer, the PC-9801 UV2 shares the same specifications with the PC-9801 VM21 making it the perfect machine for publishers to target alongside the other PC-9801 VM computers. The first computer was then followed by two more: The PC-9801 UV21, which increased the RAM to 640KB, and the PC-9801 UV11 which kept the same specifications as the PC-9801 UV21 while decreasing the size and power consumption of the machine.

Technical Specifications

  • Main processor: µPD70116 clocked at 8-10MHz
  • Graphics processor: 2x µPD7220 clocked at 2.5MHz
  • Graphics: Graphic Charger (GRCG)
  • RAM: 384KB
  • Text VRAM: 12KB
  • Graphics VRAM: 256KB
  • ROM: 96KB
  • Floppy Disk drive(s): 2× 3½-inch 2HD (1MB formatted)[fn 1]
  • Sound: Built-in PC-9801-26K components
  • General Expansion Slot(s): 4 slots

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  1. Can also read 2DD disks.


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