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PC-9801 E
Manufacturer: NEC
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PC-9801 E
¥215,000 ?


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The PC-9801 E


The PC-9801 E is essentially a cost-reduced PC-9801 F, with the floppy disk drives and JIS level 1 kanji support taken out. This means, other than the faster processor, the E is more akin to the original 1982 PC-9801, in which the user would have to purchase extra peripherals to get the most out of the machine.

While it was suggested that the PC-9801 E was to be connected to external 8-inch floppy disk drives (like the original PC-9801), in practise the 5¼-inch floppy disks of the PC-9801 F became the de facto standard, and so Es were typically turned into Fs. As such, the PC-9801 E is not thought to have its own software library.

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