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PC-9801 N
Manufacturer: NEC
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PC-9801 N (98 Note)


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The PC-9801 N, commonly known as the 98 Note was the first notebook-class computer released by NEC as part of the PC-9800 series.

Unlike previous PC-98 computers, the 98 Note was designed as a low-cost portable device, with a built-in (backlit) LCD display only capable of two colours: "black" and "white". As such while desktop PC-9801 software could function on the 98 Note, if colour was used, it would likely not display properly. As a result of this, the 98 Note has its own range of software, including games.

With the release of the PC-9801 NC (or "Note Color") in 1991, software designed for desktop PCs could now run on NEC's notebooks, negating the need for a separate range of software.

One feature of the 98 Note line that was introduced with PC-9801 N and was included in its successors is its unique expansion slot bus, which uses 110 pins instead of 100 like the other PC-9800 models. It is compatible with already existing expansion boards released for the 100 pin C-bus in mind.

To compensate for the lack of a second floppy disk drive, The Note 98 line would include a built in RAM drive, this feature would eventually find itself in the desktop-class models too such as the PC-9801 UR.

Technical specifications

  • Main processor: µPD70116 clocked at 10MHz
  • Graphics processor: 2x µPD7220 clocked at 2.5MHz
  • Graphics: Graphic Charger (GRCG)
  • Display: monochrome backlit LCD
  • RAM: 640KB
  • RAM drive(s): 1.25MB
  • Text VRAM: 12KB
  • Graphics VRAM: 256KB
  • ROM: 96KB
  • Floppy Disk drive(s): 1× 3½-inch 2HD (1MB formatted)[fn 1]
  • Sound: Internal "beeper"
  • General Expansion Slot(s): 1 slot (98 Note bus)

List of games


  1. Can also read 2DD disks.


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