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PC-9801 VF
Manufacturer: NEC
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The PC-9801 VF


The PC-9801 VF is the logical successor to the PC-9801 F, and was released at the same time as the PC-9801 VM (successor to the PC-9801 M). Both machines introduced the GRCG (GRaphic CharGer) chipset as standard, so from a gaming perspective, stand as the second generation of PC-9800 machines.

The VF differs from the VM by keeping the V30 processor clock speed at 8MHz (vs. 10MHz), and only including 256KB of RAM (vs. 384KB). Also, like the F, it only contains double-density 5¼-inch floppy drives, whereas the VM's drives are compatible with both double and high density disks. Through the use of expansions, the VF could be upgraded to match some of the VM's specifications, however.

The PC-9801 VF was only made available in a "VF2" configuration with two floppy drives.

Sales of the PC-9801 VF were eclipsed by those of the PC-9801 VM, which became the de facto standard for PC-9800 machines going forward. Very few games were written with the VF in mind.

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