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PC-9801 F
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The PC-9801 F


The PC-9801 F is at its heart, a PC-9801 in a more convenient form factor. The CPU was swapped out for a μPD8086-2, which in additional to running at 5MHz like the PC-9801, can be switched to a faster 8MHz mode.

5¼-inch double density floppy disk drives were included as standard in the PC-9801 F, which signalled the beginning of the end of the 8-inch floppy disk format in NEC machines. Original PC-9801 users were expected to buy an expensive external PC-9881 drive for floppy disk support, which at the time cost more than the computer itself. While this peripheral (and others) are still compatible with the PC-9801 F, integrating cheaper drives represented better value for money.

The functionality of the PC-9801-01 JIS first level kanji ROM board was included as standard in the PC-9801 F, though NEC would offer the PC-9801 E a month later if this wasn't deemed necessary.

At launch, two variants of the PC-9801 F existed; the F1 with just one floppy disk drive, and the F2 with two. In October 1984, an F3 variant was added, with one floppy drive and a 10MB hard disk drive.

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