Ultima III: Exodus

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  • PC-8801
  • PC-8801 mkII SR
  • PC-9801 F

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Ultima III: Exodus
System(s): PC-8801, PC-8801 mkII SR, PC-9801 F
Publisher: Starcraft (1985) Pony Canyon (1989)
Genre: RPG

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
¥? ?
PC-8801 mkII SR
¥? ?

PC-9801 F

Non-NEC versions


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Ultima III: Exodus (ウルティマIII ~エクソダス~) (or Exodus: Ultima III (エクソダス ~ウルティマIII~) is the third major release in the Ultima series.

Like its prequel, Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress, Ultima III was released twice for PC-8800 series (and PC-9800 series) computers, once as a port of its original form by Starcraft, and then again by Pony Canyon in an updated form.

Physical scans

PC-8801 Versions

PC-8801, JP
UltimaIII PC8801 JP Box Front.jpg
PC-8801, JP (alt)
UltimaIII PC8801 JP Box Front Alt.jpg

PC-8801 mkII SR version

PC-8801 mkII SR, JP

PC-9801 F version

PC-9801 F, JP
UltimaIII PC9801F JP Box.jpg

PC-9801 version (Pony Canyon)

PC-9801, JP (5¼-inch floppy disk)

PC-9801, JP (3½-inch floppy disk)



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