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PC-9801 U
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PC-9801 U
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The PC-9801 U


The PC-9801 U was the first NEC computer to come equipped with 3½-inch floppy disk drives as standard, and the first PC-9800 series machine to ship with a V30 processor. It does, however, begin to represent the often confusing nature of NEC computer products - the U has less RAM than the older PC-9801 M, so is incompatible with software built specifically to tap into the PC-9801 M's hardware (assuming of course an external 5¼-inch floppy drive was hooked up).

The choices made by NEC means that the PC-9801 U has its own set of software, though support for the machine dropped significantly with the launch of the PC-9801 UV one year later.

Technical Specifications

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