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For the unreleased PC Engine version, see Marble Madness (PC Engine).


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Marble Madness
System(s): PC-9801 VM
Publisher: Home Data
Supporting companies:
Licensor: Atari Games, Tengen
Original system(s): Arcade boards
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
PC-9801 VM
Non-NEC versions


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Marble Madness (マーブルマッドネス) is an arcade game developed by Atari Games and released in 1984. Its popularity saw numerous ports to home platforms, including the PC-9801 VM for the Japanese market courtesy of Home Data.


The object of the game is to move a marble down an isometric field from one point to another, making sure not to fall of ledges or be damaged in other ways. The original arcade release relied heavily on a trackball controller, but the console ports rely on directional pad or another peripheral, meaning the control is less accurate. On the PC-9801 VM, the mouse is used to simulate the trackball, though the arrow keys may also be used to move the ball in the on-screen direction of the key press. For example,  🡩  will move the marble vertically up on the screen, with the respective effect in the arena.

Production credits

  • Designer/Graphics Programmer: Mark Cerny
  • Game Programmer: Bob Flanagan
  • Animator: Sam Comstock
  • Sound Design: Hal Canon, Brad Fuller
  • Hardware Design: S Ly, J Margolin, D Paauw, D Snyder
  • System Support: C Downend, M Hoff, J Ritter
  • Software Support: M Albaugh, M Mahar, R Moore
  • Hardware Support: J Castillo, E Durfey, P McCarthy, N Minh
Home Data Staff
  • System & Enemy & Graphics Programmer: Ofu
  • User C-G & Text Programmer: Powered by Honda
  • Game & Trap Programmer: Alice Kagamino
  • Sprite & Graphics Design: Nan Chan, Y.Zinnai, Q.Zenba
  • Sound Design: Home Data Sound Team "Eurythm" Endodon, Junichi Ueda
Special Thanks
  • Tengen Staff: Mr.Matsunaga, Mr.Amanai
  • Bandit Staff: Mr.Kurata
... And any others, and you
© 1991 Home Data
In-game credits[1]

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Magazine articles

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Physical scans

PC-9801 VM, JP
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Marble Madness

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