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PC-9801 U
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PC-9801 U


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The PC-9801 U is a computer released as part of the PC-9800 series.


The PC-9801 U was envisoned as a cost-reduced space saving model in the PC-9800 range, and the first to ship with a faster V30 (µPD70116) processor. It was announced and released at the same time as the high-spec PC-98XA.

This time 3½-inch double density floppy disk drives were included as standard, though the choice to move to this format specifically for this computer means older PC-9801 and PC-9801 F software cannot be run on the machine without purchasing more external floppy disk drives. Software written to take advantage of the PC-9801 M will also not work with the default PC-9801 U configuration, this time because the U has less RAM than the M.

The PC-9801 U is the first model to feature the V30 processor, the optional GRCG graphics chip and a 16-color display through the PC-9801 U-02 board.

Strictly speaking, while the computer calls itself a PC-9801 U, it was only made a available in a "PC-9801 U2" configuration, with the two floppy drives.

NEC's decision to split the market once more meant that although the PC-9801 U has its own set of software, it was not a popular machine. Some mistakes would be rectified with the launch of the PC-9801 UV one year later.

Technical specifications

  • Main processor: µPD70116 clocked at 8MHz
  • Graphics processor: 2x µPD7220 clocked at 2.5MHz
  • RAM: 128KB
  • Text VRAM: 12KB
  • Graphics VRAM: 96KB
  • ROM: 96KB
  • Floppy Disk drive(s): 2× 3½-inch 2DD (640KB formatted)
  • Sound: Internal "beeper"
  • General Expansion Slot(s): 2 slots

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