Arcade Pad 6

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ArcadePad6 PCE.jpg
Arcade Pad 6
Made for: PC Engine
Manufacturer: NEC Home Electronics
Type: Control pad
Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥2,9802,980 PCE-TP1

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The Arcade Pad 6 is a first-party six-button controller released for the PC Engine in 1994. It was sold by itself or bundled with the Duo-RX, substituting the Turbo Pad that served as the standard-issue controller for all prior PC Engine consoles since the CoreGrafx. As a result, the Arcade Pad 6 was only available in white, since the Duo-RX was the last model of the console.

The Arcade Pad 6 differs from the previously released Avenue Pad 6 by having turbo switches for each of the six action buttons, not just the standard and buttons. The later released FX-Pad for the PC-FX featured the same form factor, but has only two turbo switches.

List of compatible games

PC Engine

Super CD-ROM²

Arcade CD-ROM²

Physical scans

PC Engine, JP
ArcadePad6 PCE JP Box Front.jpg


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