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PC Engine LT
Manufacturer: NEC Home Electronics
Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥99,80099,800 PI-TG9


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The PC Engine LT (PCエンジンLT) is a "portable" laptop variant of the PC Engine, released exclusively in Japan in December 1991.


The PC Engine LT is essentially a PC Engine with a built-in flip-up screen and built in speaker, negating the need to link up the console to a television. Unlike the PC Engine GT (the older, more portable unit), however, the LT uses a power supply and is built with a similar form factor as the original PC Engine, allowing it to be linked up, for example to a CD-ROM².

The D-Pad and buttons are built into the unit but controllers can still be attached. For the time, its screen was considered to be quite good (unlike the GT's), and can be used as a separate television or PC monitor, making it a potentially better option for watching TV while in a car, for example.

As with several of the novelty PC Engines released by NEC Home Electronics, the PC Engine LT did not sell well due to its expensive retail price and is now considered to be a valuable collector's item.

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