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Ten no Koe Bank
Made for: PC Engine
Manufacturer: NEC Home Electronics
Type: Storage
Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥3,8803,880 HC692

The Ten no Koe Bank (天の声バンク) is a device released by Hudson Soft to store save data from PC Engine HuCard and CD-ROM² games.


The Ten no Koe Bank offers 8kB of save data (or 8,000 blocks) - four times the number of the standard CD-ROM² unit, and is presented in HuCard form, meaning unlike previous storage solutions, it does not need access to the PC Engine's expansion slot.

When inserted into the PC Engine's HuCard slot, its proprietary software is booted when powering on the console, allowing the user to manage their data. It can copy data from and to the CD-ROM² unit's backup RAM or a Ten no Koe 2, or exchange data between the system, keeping its data in one of four "boxes" on the HuCard. As the device uses the HuCard slot and boots into its own software when used, no games can access it directly - data saved on the device will need to be transferred to the console in order for games to use it.

The Ten no Koe Bank uses a CR2320 "button" battery to retain save data (as opposed to the AA battery solution in the Ten no Koe 2 and the supercapacitor solution used in CD-ROM² hardware). This has its own disadvantage, however, as the battery cannot be replaced without damaging the HuCard shell if it is no longer functional.

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PC Engine, JP

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
PC Engine
CRC32 3b3808bd
MD5 e0047b06dc84cb242cced8c5fa7efafe
SHA-1 8ade1c698e0cb96ce3ed01986c7e5268aa5a1451
128kB Card (JP)


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