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PC Engine Shuttle
Manufacturer: NEC Home Electronics
Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥18,80018,800 PI-TG2


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The PC Engine Shuttle (PCエンジンシャトル) is a cost-reduced PC Engine console released in Japan in late 1989.


The PC Engine Shuttle stands as NEC's first attempt to reduce manufacturing costs of the PC Engine, though thanks to the state of the market at the time, the reductions were not passed on to the Japanese consumer, who could purchase a regular PC Engine for roughly the same price. Furthermore the Shuttle has a radically different design which makes it incompatible with most PC Engine add-ons (without significant modifications) - it lacks the rear expansion port for the CD-ROM², and is significantly bigger in size than a standard PC Engine console. The Shuttle came packaged with the Turbo Pad II controller, which is shaped differently from a standard Turbo Pad. Like the later-released PC Engine CoreGrafx, it replaced the original PC Engine's RF output with a composite A/V output port.

Physical scans

PC Engine, JP
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