Super CD-ROM²

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This article is for the Super CD-ROM² accessory. For the Super CD-ROM² format, see CD-ROM² systems.
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Super CD-ROM²
Manufacturer: NEC
Release Date RRP Code
Super CD-ROM²
¥47,800 PI-CD1
Super CD-ROM²

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The Super CD-ROM² (スーパーシーディーロムロム) is an add-on for the PC Engine, allowing compatible hardware to run Super CD-ROM² games.


The Super CD-ROM² is essentially an upgraded version of the original CD-ROM² add-on, offering compatibility with regular CD-ROM² software without the need for an Interface Unit (or System Card), as well as granting access to the new Super CD-ROM² format thanks to its built-in extra RAM and updated BIOS. Older CD-ROM² units can be "upgraded" with the Super System Card to offer similar functionality.


Unlike the original CD-ROM² add-on, the Super CD-ROM² is compatible with the PC Engine SuperGrafx (which does not physically fit inside a CD-ROM² Interface Unit) without the need of a ROM² Adaptor. However, a Super ROM² Adaptor is required for the PC Engine LT.

Physical scans

Super CD-ROM², JP
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