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PC Engine CoreGrafx
Manufacturer: NEC Home Electronics
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PC Engine
¥24,80024,800 PI-TG3
PC Engine


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The PC Engine CoreGrafx (PCエンジンコアグラフィックス) is an update to the PC Engine console, initially released in Japan in late 1989.

The CoreGrafx was announced around the same period as the PC Engine SuperGrafx, adopting a similar colour scheme, but otherwise being largely identical to a regular PC Engine. The CoreGrafx replaces the PC Engine's RF output with a composite A/V connector, but remains the same size and shape to allow it to interface with the CD-ROM² and other attachments which require the PC Engine's rear expansion port. The shell is not identical to the console's first iteration, but aside from aesthetics, the changes are negligible. The CoreGrafx uses the same revised HuC6280A CPU as was used in the SuperGrafx. This revision reportedly fixed some minor audio issues in those systems.

The console also shipped with a PI-PD06 controller - a CoreGrafx flavoured version of the PI-PD002, replacing the standard PI-PD001 controllers of the original PC Engine.

The CoreGrafx became the de facto model of PC Engine until the release of the CoreGrafx II in June 1991.

Physical scans

PC Engine, JP
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