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PC-8001 mkII
Manufacturer: NEC
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PC-8001 mkII


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The PC-8001 mkII is a home computer released by NEC.


The PC-8001 mkII is an enhanced version of the PC-8001, with the most notable improvement being true graphics modes; either 2-colour 640x200, or 4-colour 320x200. RAM is also upped to 64KB as standard.

An enhanced version of BASIC (N80 BASIC) was added, and the physical design was changed, incorporating expansion slots and a disk drive interface, without the need to purchase an external box to use these features.

The mkII is backwards compatible with all PC-8001 software, although games which require the PCG-8100 in order to function will need the mkII variant of the device, the PCG-8200 (or similar).

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