Mystery Mountain

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Mystery Mountain
System(s): PC-8001 mkII
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
PC-8001 mkII
¥3,2003,200 YB-1030

Non-NEC versions
S1 series
S1 series


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Mystery Mountain (ミステリーマウンテン) is an Action-Adventure game Developed and Published in 1983 by Hudson Soft where you play as an Adventurer who hears about the Mystery Mountain that has mysterious powers and you decide to go up to climb up the mountain while avoiding Leaves, Rocks and Hail that fly around the screen, if you get hit then you will die. You can also Pitch a Tent to avoid them but if use it to much then a Fireball will appear and burn it along with you inside. At the bottom is Wildfire that will rise up every time you miss a nut, and the rising will increase from 3 miss, 2 miss, and 1 miss in the Forest, Rocky, and Snowy Terrain on top of that a Wind Cloud will fall down and cause you to be swept downwards, it won't hurt you but will cause you to get burned by the fire. Once you reach the mountain at the top, you will go on to the next stage. However, you move on the next Level until you beat three stages and the speed will increase.

Physical scans

PC-8001 mkII version

PC-8001 mkII, JP
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