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Where to talk about this wiki?

I registered to maybe add in some junk about Winkysoft and whatever, but I'm confused about where to raise certain issues, as there isn't much in the way of site-specific documentation and I don't know of any corresponding forum/reddit/etc. I wasn't sure if I should post to someone's talk page or what. Anyways, I'm curious about several things, in particular:

  1. how the wiki plans to handle adult/erotic/pornographic/whathaveyou software (Winkysoft having released two such titles) in terms of both
    1. wiki/genre categorization, and
    2. NSFW cover scans
  2. how to format links to other sites that might be worth commonly referencing, such as GDRI, VGMdb, etcetera
  3. where to dump links that are useful as resources for crafting articles here (such as other online databases or technical documents).

Any input? --Remarkably unique reference (talk) 02:32, 23 January 2017 (CST)

The plan is to follow the design patterns of Sega Retro, so that should give you some clues as far as formatting goes. That being said, there may be better ways of presenting data - there's freedom to try out new ideas and see which things stick.
The plan, like Sega Retro, would be to get as many sources mirrored here as possible, i.e. less reliance on external links which may stop working at any moment (but obviously it's unavoidable in some cases). The boundaries are a little less obvious as they are on Sega Retro as far as content though - there anything with "SEGA" attached to it is within scope, while here it's "NEC" with a dozen asterixes as attention is focused more towards PC Engine/PC-FX/PC-xxxx games.
You can dump WIP stuff in your user page or NEC Retro:Todo or wherever.
The "adult" games will need to be documented to the same degree as everything else - it's unfortunate that the raping simulators exist, but we can't pick and choose history. It's not amazingly high on my own personal list though - it's still early days for this wiki and I've not exhausted all the interesting things yet.
By default I was sticking with what seems to be fairly common Japanese game genres (link) - this tends to work out reasonably well, though if there a more NEC-esque solution out thee that might be better. If we need to sub-divide out all the NSFW stuff that can happen at a later date - there's no immediate rush -Black Squirrel (talk) 14:19, 23 January 2017 (CST)