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various sources I use or plan to use or which exist:

all sources should be presumed to be varying degrees of NSFW until I clean this up

also maybe virus and malware idk

Contains what seems to be a rather thorough list of PC-88 game releases by year/month. Contain various details as well as what appear to be some interesting insights on individual releases (in Japanese, of course). Possibly the closest thing there is to a definitive list for the system online, although the VA section seems rather barebones.

An impressive personal project that aims to have a title screen and two screenshots for every game on the systems the site covers. Features a PCE section that includes the PCFX and an incomplete PC-9801 section. The latter has a basic 18+ warning but there's understandably less protection for the former system, despite it's bootleg adult titles. I guess I should check if any of them are actually explicit.

FMV's original index of PC-98 screens and the subsequent revised version that is significantly more useful. Third link is the associated forum, another great resource.

Link dumps I have yet to process:

Also to review:

And now for something completely different:

Database of the gritty details about CD image rips. Dumps? Rumps. Contains various downloadable checksmushes and cuesheets. Limited amount of NEC-relevant entries at this time.

as of 2/11/2017: PC-88 (1) | PC-98 (33) | PC-FX (12) | PCE-CD (329)

Redump wiki - features some dumping guides, undumped lists (mostly off-project) and links to relevant software

Other dump databases

no-intro and their DAT-o-MATIC tracks (re)dumps of PC-Engine cartridge releases on their maddeningly-constructed site.(why does Chrome say dat-o-matic is Not secure, why must wretched technology haunt me)

Project MESS: (as of 2/11/2017)

Many of the floppies are likely weird bootlegs or bad dumps? Also doujin stuff, utility software, magazines, etc.

Also: Tourvision (bootleg Arcade NEC PC-Engine) cartridges (to-do)

A lot of this data is mirrored here and there, such as how the data from MESS is not just at Project MESS but also sites like Arcade Database. It'll take some sorting to figure out what sites are actually worthwhile as a resource.

MESS-derived data about hardware should also be considered and incorporated if relevant. Both the system info files and the hardware drivers and who knows what else.

TODO: find an online TOSEC database that doesn't double as a ROM bonanza

not databases - Features ~300 little reviews on PC Engine+CD games, usually with bits of trivia and such. Mostly notable for having numerous manual scans. - The best PC Engine blog around, stopped tragically early by author's real-world necessities. A lot of cool insight into the first few years of the system, including talk about peripherals and contemporary context of releases. This link will filter it just down to the PCE-relevant stuff, but the whole thing is a fascinating read.

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