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Omni template for navigating sub-pages. Most video games will need one. Title screens and categories are handled automatically.

| name=
| comparisonspage=
| mapspage=
| achievementspage=
| dlcpage=
| historypage=
| changelogpage=
| creditspage=
| hiddencontentpage=
| bugspage=
| developmentpage=
| magazinepage=
| videopage=
| receptionpage=
| promopage=
| merchandisepage=
| compatibilitypage=
| techpage=

| audiobooks=
| prereleases=

Use | extrasubpageX= for any necessary non-standard sub-pages.


| name=Bonk's Adventure
| comparisonspage=yes
| mapspage=yes
| hiddencontentpage=yes
| magazinepage=yes
| videopage=yes
| receptionpage=yes
| extrasubpage1=Smelly
| extrasubpage2=Bums
Bonk's Adventure

BonksAdventure title.png

Main page | Comparisons | Maps | Hidden content | Magazine articles | Video coverage | Reception
Smelly | Bums