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Sound test

Psychosis TG16 SoundTest.png

On the title screen, press HOLD ++ SELECT  RUN . To play music, select a song from the list and press to play it. To play sound effects, press to play a sound effect, and  SELECT  to cycle through sound effects. To exit, reset the system.

Level select

On the title screen, press  RUN  to start the game. As the screen blacks out, press and hold , and it should stay fully black. From here, press  RUN  a certain number of times listed below for the desired level, then release to start.

Level Press  RUN ...
2 5 times
3 45 times
4 25 times
5 100 times

This appears to only work in the TurboGrafx-16 version of the game.

Psychosis/Paranoia World II

Psychosis TG16 PsychosisWorldII.png

On the title screen, press HOLD +++ SELECT  RUN . This will start the game on a harder difficulty.



Psychosis TG16 title.png

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