PC-88 VA3

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PC-88 VA3
Manufacturer: NEC
Release Date RRP Code
PC-88 VA
¥398,000 ?


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The PC-88 VA3 is a computer released as part of the PC-8800 series.


The PC-88 VA3 is the second relatively minor revision of the PC-88 VA. It is much the same product as the PC-88 VA2 but introduces the concept of a 3½-inch "triple density" floppy disk (2TD), a proprietary NEC format capable of holding up to 9.3MB of (formatted) data. No other computers are thought to have used this technology (by default - NEC later produced stand-alone drives, though were the only company invested in producing physical disks), and given that VA3 models were priced ¥100,000 higher than VA2s, very few VA3 models are thought to have been sold.

Technical specifications


PC-8800 series hardware
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