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The PC-6000 series (PC-6000シリーズ) is a range of computers manufactured between November 1981 and 198x by NEC.

The PC-6000 series began with the launch of the PC-6001, being offered as a cheaper alternative to NEC's more high-end PC-8800 series which debuted around the same period, and in some ways replacing the PC-8000 series which had debuted some years before. Throughout its lifespan, this line was marketed as the entry level option for NEC computers - the PC-8800 series occupying a middle ground and the PC-9800 series being offered as high-end machines, neither set of machines being compatible with the others.

Faced with increased competition and lower advances in technologies, by the middle of the 1980s the PC-8800 series was effectively relegated to the ground the PC-6000 series had once occupied, becoming the NEC computer of choice for hobbiests and those on a tight budget. The PC-6000 series, meanwhile, was rendered obsolete, with software developers and publishers refusing to commit to the platform. While more successful than NEC's PC-8000 line, the PC-6000 line was nowhere near as popular as the 8800 and 9800 machines.

In 1985 the line had something of a resurgence with the PC-6600 series, whose technical specifications derive from the PC-6001 mkII. PC-6600 computers are backwards compatible with PC-6000 software, but 6600 machines include a 3½-inch floppy disk drive as standard, a format unavailable to PC-6000 series users.


PC-6000 series hardware
PC-6001 (NEC TREK) (1981) | PC-6001 mkII (1983) | PC-6001 mkII SR (1984)
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