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Games Express was a video game developer and publisher.

The company is infamous for being one of the few unlicensed PC Engine publishers to see their products widely circulated. They primarily published gambling games with adult themes, likely to have been challenged by NEC's quality control standards of the day. While seemingly able to break the protection of standard PC Engine hardware (and so manufacture their own compatible HuCards), their CD-based titles require a unique "CD card" to be inserted into a console before discs will function, presumably to bypass anti-piracy systems.

However, all four of Games Express' CD titles are Super CD-ROM² games. As the HuCard slot needs to be taken up by the company's own CD card, this negates the possibility of using a Super System Card, and so demands that a console with Super CD-ROM² functionality built in be used - either the PC Engine Duo and PC Engine Duo-R (or a TurboDuo with a HuCard region converter). Games Express' titles are the only known video games to demand the use of a PC Engine Duo.


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