Chiki Chiki Boys

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Chiki Chiki Boys
Publisher: Capcom
Super CD-ROM²
NEC Avenue
System(s): Super CD-ROM²
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Super CD-ROM²
¥4.800 NAPR-1033


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Chiki Chiki Boys (チキチキボーイズ) is originally a action game by Capcom released in 1990. This version was never released outside Japan.


Chiki Chiki Boys was originally designed for Capcom's CPS arcade hardware, running at an internal screen resolution of 384x224. The Super CD-ROM² conversion retains most of the content from the arcade game, but the need to drop the resolution to 256x224 means the majority of graphics were redrawn. The results are mixed on NEC's hardware - while the sprites were resized horizonally, they were not subsequently touched up by artists, meaning the loss of the 1-pixel black border around some frames of animation and a more "distorted" look than other conversions of the game (for example, the Sega Mega Drive port from 1992).

A new CD audio soundtrack is introduced in the Super CD-ROM² version, however sound effects are sampled from the arcade machine at a much lower quality. Streaming content from a compact disc also creates new problems - audio tracks do not loop, and loading screens are introduced between levels.

Parallax scrolling is missing in the Super CD-ROM² version, and some graphical effects were omitted.

Physical scans

Super CD-ROM², JP
ChikiChikiBoys SCD JP Box Back.jpgChikiChikiBoys SCD JP Box Spine.jpgChikiChikiBoys SCD JP Box Front.jpg
ChikiChikiBoys SCD JP Disc.jpg
ChikiChikiBoys SCD JP RegistrationCard.jpg
Reg Card


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