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This template sets the maximum width of a screenshot to 320 pixels, and corrects its aspect ratio.


{{bobscreen|BariBariDensetsu PCE title.png}}


BariBariDensetsu PCE title.png

This is how the game appears on an actual PC Engine. The original image taken from an emulator is below:

BariBariDensetsu PCE title.png


{{bobscreen|BariBariDensetsu PCE title.png|width=120}}


BariBariDensetsu PCE title.png

"width" also takes into account the adjusted aspect ratio, so the image appears 120 pixels wide even if the source image is not.


Code Raw image Output
{{bobscreen|MagneticField PC6001 Title.png}} MagneticField PC6001 Title.png

MagneticField PC6001 Title.png

{{bobscreen|MrHeli title.png}} MrHeli title.png

MrHeli title.png

{{bobscreen|PuyoPuyoCDTsuu SCDROM2 SystemCardError.png}} PuyoPuyoCDTsuu SCDROM2 SystemCardError.png

PuyoPuyoCDTsuu SCDROM2 SystemCardError.png

{{bobscreen|RabioLepus Arcade Title.png}} RabioLepus Arcade Title.png

RabioLepus Arcade Title.png

{{bobscreen|Cannon Ball RX-78 Title.png}} Cannon Ball RX-78 Title.png

Cannon Ball RX-78 Title.png

{{bobscreen|CannonBall Spectrum Title.png}} CannonBall Spectrum Title.png

CannonBall Spectrum Title.png