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This article is for the Super CD-ROM² accessory. For the Super CD-ROM² format, see CD-ROM² systems.
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Super CD-ROM²
Manufacturer: NEC Home Electronics
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Super CD-ROM²
Super CD-ROM²


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The Super CD-ROM² (スーパーシーディーロムロム) is an add-on for the PC Engine, allowing compatible hardware to run Super CD-ROM² games.

In PC Engine terms, the Super CD-ROM² is a successor to the CD-ROM², offering compatibility with regular CD-ROM² software without the need for an Interface Unit (or System Card), as well as granting access to the new Super CD-ROM² format. Older CD-ROM² units can be "upgraded" with the Super System Card to offer similar functionality.


The Super CD-ROM² has been ridiculed for its design by commentators, as its need to attach to the PC Engine's expansion port leads to it looking as if it were "eating" the older system. This design does have its advantages, however - it is a more comfortable fit for the PC Engine SuperGrafx (which does not physically fit inside a CD-ROM² Interface Unit).

Physical scans

Super CD-ROM², JP
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