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Play as the same team

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In the main menu, highlight Exhibition mode and press HOLD + RUN . A sound will confirm correct entry, and players will now be able to select the same team as each other[1].

End matches early

Pause during a match and press  RUN   RUN   RUN   RUN   RUN   RUN   RUN   RUN   RUN  on Pad 5 (requires a PC Engine Senyou Multi Tap) to instantly end the match. The winning team will be determined randomly[2].

Penalties-only game

Enter Exhibition mode, and on the time set screen, set the timer to 99 minutes, then press HOLD  SELECT  to start a penalties-only game[3].

Computer always blocks the player's shot in penalty shootouts

During a player-vs-computer penalty shootout, press + SELECT  simultaneously before the player takes a shot against the computer's goalie. A sound will confirm correct entry, and after that, the computer will always block the player's shot[4].


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