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  • PC-6001 mkII
  • PC-8801

Binary Land PC6001mkII Title.png

Binary Land
System(s): PC-6001 mkII, PC-8801
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
PC-6001 mkII
¥3,2003,200 S2-1034

¥3,2003,200 NEHI-12033

Non-NEC versions


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Binary Land (バイナリィ・ランド) is a Puzzle game Developed by H. Konno and Published by Hudson Soft in 1983. You control two characters named Grin-Kun and Maron-Chan who are navigated in opposite mirror direction through a Maze Wonderland named Binary Land from the Start to the Goal before the time limit is up. There are Spiders and Spiderwebs in the Maze, if one of them gets caught then they'll be stuck and a life is lost, however you can go back to save one of them by using Runrun Gas Spray to melt down the Spiderwebs and Spiders which rewards you with 100 Points. A Gold Nugget will appear and give you Bonus Points ranging from 50, 100, 200, 500 to 1000. You can choose one of the characters, but the only difference is that the controls are switched for the characters you choose. It was ported to the PC-6001 mkII and PC-8801.

Physical scans

PC-6001 mkII version

PC-6001 mkII, JP

PC-8801 version

PC-8801, JP


Binary Land

Binary Land PC6001mkII Title.png

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