W Ring: The Double Rings

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W Ring: The Double Rings
Publisher: Naxat Soft
System(s): PC Engine
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥6,300 NX90005


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W Ring: The Double Rings (ダブルリング) is a horizontal shoot-'em-up developed and published by Naxat Soft for the PC Engine.

Production credits

  • System Programmer: Nabe San
  • Main programmer: Yuichi Ochiai
  • Sub Programmer: Kenji Nakamura, Yoshiharu Takaoka
  • Graphic designer: Kenji Mori, Kane San, Zaki
  • Sound Composer: Hisashi Matsushita, Daisuke Morishima
  • Special Thanks: Dandy Fujisawa, Kind Toyoshima, Bokuchan Kiyokawa, Rabit Morota, Masataka Uemoto, Kazushi Matsumoto, Eiji Kimura
Source: In-game credits (JP)

Magazine articles

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Physical scans


PC Engine, JP
WRing PCE JP Box Front.jpg
WRing PCE JP Card.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
PC Engine
CRC32 BE990010
MD5 7C5F8476E6B5EC9E56F4B67A00F022E7
393,216 Card (JP)