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  • ICON - Console icon such as "PCE" for
    PC Engine
    or "SGX" for
    PC Engine SuperGrafx
  • sha1 - SHA-1 for the ROM file.
  • md5 - MD5 for the ROM file.
  • crc32 - CRC32 for the ROM file.
  • size - Size of the ROM file.
  • date - Build date of the ROM file, according to the ROM header.
  • source - Source of the file (cartridge, CD ROM, digital download).
  • comments - Notes about the release, including revision numbers.
  • icon - Icon image file found within the ROM (where applicable, e.g. Nintendo DS).
  • quality - "good" if the dump is 100% correct, "bad" if the dump is corrupt or has been edited.
  • prototype - "yes" is the ROM is a prototype.
  • protoname - Name of the prototype, if one exists. Link will be automatically generated if only a date is provided.

If the game is an unreleased game with only prototypes available and no other released versions (e.g. Space Fantasy Zone), add this: