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This template is for displaying individual song credits. For use on production credits sub-pages.


| ID= <!-- IDs from the sound test or in the game's data. -->
| name= <!-- Song name, if applicable. -->
| desc= <!-- What the song is typically used for, e.g. Level 1 -->
| credits=
* '''Role 1:''' Name
* '''Role 2:''' Name
| used=no <!-- Use this parameter if the song is not used in normal play, e.g. Song ID 10 from Sonic 2. -->
| comments=

If there are no song IDs and/or names, use "noid=yes" and/or "noname=yes" respectively.


ID Name Description Credits Used Comments
10 Bums A song about bums Yes Samples "Bums Bums Bums" by Bums Inc.
Description Credits Used Comments
A song about bums No Samples "Bums Bums Bums" by Bums Inc.