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Template for file references.



  • 1: Filename.
  • page: Page number. Used for multi-page PDF documents.
  • quote: A specific quote, helpful if referencing long pages


  • GoldenAxe Title.png{{fileref|GoldenAxe Title.png}} → GoldenAxe Title.png[1]
  • Golden Axe Mega Drive US manual, page 32{{fileref|GoldenAxe MD US Manual.pdf|page=19}} → Golden Axe Mega Drive US manual, page 19[2]
  • Seaman DC JP Box Back.jpg{{fileref|Seaman DC JP Box Back.jpg}} → Seaman DC JP Box Back.jpg[3]
  • Testing quotes{{fileref|Seaman DC JP Box Back.jpg|quote=Quotey McQuoteface}} → Testing quotes[4]

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Since this template uses the <ref> tag, all pages that use this template will have an auto-generated references list appended to the end of the page. To prevent confusion, a <references/> tag should be added to the end of the page in a dedicated "References" section, such as this one.