Super Mario Bros. Special

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Super Mario Bros. Special
System(s): PC-8801
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Licensor: Nintendo
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
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Super Mario Bros. Special (スーパーマリオブラザーズ スペシャル) is a PC-8801 and X1 variant of the 1985 Nintendo Famicom game, Super Mario Bros.. The home computer versions, developed by Hudson Soft were released in 1986.


Super Mario Bros. Special is an attempt to bring an altered version of Super Mario Bros. to Japanese home computers. While very similar to the base game, it has an entirely new set of levels and includes some new power ups and enemies (many originally originally seen in Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.). Graphics, audio and the core aspects of gameplay attempt to match that of the original Famicom game, however limitations imposed by the PC-8801 and X1 hardware mean that all three aspects are simplified.

The game lacks any form of scrolling, meaning levels are presented as a series of static screens. Performance is not a match for the Famicom, meaning slowdown, sprite flicker and control issues are more common, and on the PC-8801, graphics are reduced to eight on-screen colours (with most objects limited to just four). The game is considered to be less stable than its Famicom counterpart, with collision errors and sometimes game-breaking glitches being more common.

Despite its name, no two-player option exists, so Mario's brother Luigi is never seen.

Physical scans

PC-8801, JP
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