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Sodipeng logo.png
Fast facts on Sodipeng
Founded: 1990(?)
Defunct: 1993(?)
Merged into: Guillemot International (assumed)
Headquarters: La Gacilly, Brittany, France

Sodipeng (Société de Distribution de la PC Engine) was a subsidiary of Guillemot International, a hardware distribution firm founded by the same people as Ubisoft. As the name suggests, they were formed around distributing the PC Engine in France and Benelux, selling imported Japanese units with French-language instructions, their own warranties (since NEC obviously would not support these grey imports) and a "AudioVideoPlus" cable, which enabled the use of the systems on SECAM televisions.

In early 1992 the company had a brief stint in distributing the Covox Sound Master for IBM PCs.

Their ultimate fate is unknown, but it's likely their resources were subsumed back into the rest of Guillemot after the PC Engine ultimately failed to catch on.

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