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Debug mode

SexyIdolMahjongFM SCDROM2 DebugMode.png

On the main menu, press 10 times. Once debug mode is enabled, hold  SELECT  when throwing the die to move any number of spaces.

Easy mode

SexyIdolMahjongFM SCDROM2 EasyMode.png

On the main menu, press 10 times.

Test mode

SexyIdolMahjongFM SCDROM2 TestMode.png

On the main menu, press 10 times, then start the game to display the various idol pictures from the game. Press and to navigate between pictures.

A second set of pictures can be viewed by enabling Easy mode first (see above).


Sexy Idol Mahjong: Fashion Monogatari

SexyIdolMahjongFM SCDROM2 Title.png

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