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Alternate game select

QuiznoHoshi SCDROM2 AlternateGameSelect.png

On the title screen, press HOLD + RUN  to display an alternate game select menu. From here, two hidden features can be accessed:

Visual test

QuiznoHoshi SCDROM2 VisualTest.png

Press  SELECT  to view cutscenes from the game. Use the D-Pad to edit values,  RUN  to change between "Demo No" and "Start Wait", and to play it. The "Start Wait" value determines the delay between the audio and visuals.

Quiz check

QuiznoHoshi SCDROM2 QuizCheck.png

Press HOLD  SELECT  to test the various questions asked in the game.

Infinite continues

On the game select screen, highlight "Heart of Stone" and press HOLD + SELECT .


Quiz no Hoshi

QuiznoHoshi SCDROM2 Title.png

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