P-47: The Freedom Fighter

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P-47: The Freedom Fighter
Publisher: Aicom
System(s): PC Engine
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥5,200 AC89001


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P-47: The Freedom Fighter is a shoot-'em-up developed by NMK and published by Aicom for the PC Engine.

Production credits

  • Producer: Yukio Matsumoto
  • Supervisor: Yosuke Arima
  • Program Supervisor: Tamio Date
  • Planner: Akira Takaoka
  • Constracter: Kin-Ichi Akihabara
  • Main Designer: O. Eisaku
  • Test Player: Naoko Wako, Kenzi Nanno, Noriyo Mizuguchi
  • Sound Artist: Sizlla Leona
  • Sound Programmer: Kazuhiro Chida
  • Test Player: Youichi Rossi
  • Main programmer: K. Tetsuro
The End
Source: In-game credits (JP)

Magazine articles

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Physical scans


PC Engine, JP
P47 PCE JP Box Front.jpg
P47 PCE JP Card.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
PC Engine
CRC32 7632DB90
MD5 BFED2EF7677886467236DC92E09D63C3
SHA-1 54FACE25E1BDD6C1B842B957BCCE272797BA7F1C
262,144 Card (JP)