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Kana mode

Ordyne TG16 KanaMode1.png

Ordyne TG16 KanaMode2.png

On the title screen, hold until "Kana" appears by the title, then start the game.

Test mode

Ordyne TG16 TestMode.png

Ordyne TG16 RoundSelect.png

Perform 6 software resets (HOLD  RUN  SELECT ), then press HOLD ++ RUN  on the title screen. Press HOLD  SELECT  RUN  to cycle between the options, which are as follows:

  • Sound Test: Press and to select a sound, and or to play the selected sound.
  • Round Select: Press or to toggle on or off. When enabled, a round select will appear on the title screen. Use and to select a round, and press  RUN  to start from it.
  • My Ship: Toggles the starting number of lives.
  • Trigger: Can be toggled to "Manual" or "Auto", but its function is unknown.
  • SW Test: An input test for up to 5 Pads, displayed at the bottom of the screen. Each number corresponds to a specific Pad plugged into each port, provided a PC Engine Senyou Multi Tap is connected.

To exit this screen and apply any changes made, perform a software reset.

Hidden text

Located at the beginning of the ROM:

Copyright 1989  
Rigths Reserved 
Programed By... 
88/11/01  START 
89/03/31  END   



Ordyne title.png

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