Honey on the Road

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Honey on the Road
Publisher: Face
System(s): PC Engine
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥6,400 FA02-006


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Honey on the Road (はにい・おんざ・ろおど) is a platformer whose main unique mechanic is that the protagonist, Honey (though spelled in game as "Hany") can swap between four different lanes. This mechanic is probably inspired by Capcom's 1984 arcade game SonSon, but unlike the earlier title, Honey on the Road bases much of its challenge on varying how this works. For example, some stages are auto scrolling, one has individual lanes sink underwater and rise again, and another changes the direction that the lanes move over the course of the level.

The title character is a haniwa, a type of burial statue used in the Kofun period in Japan. The English word "honey" would be spelled and pronounced as "hanii" by a native Japanese speaker. So the protagonist's name is a pun that doesn't translate well to English.

This game is the sequel to Honey in the Sky, though its gameplay and even its genre is completely different.





attack, and


pauses the game.

For some reason, the attack has much greater range to Honey's left than to his right. This makes stage C, the one left scrolling stage in the game, quite easy, and timing for one's attacks on boss fights has to be adjusted depending on which side of the boss Honey is on.

There are three "secret" bonuses that can be triggered by ending certain stages in the correct lanes. These are:

Bonus Stage - A short stage where you can pick dozens of blue jars and ? jars. There are multiple versions of this, and the more you go to in a continue, the harder they get. Bunnygirl - She'll send you ahead as if you beat 2 more stages. Nurse - She'll give you three lives before sending you on your way.

The locations of each instance of these are as follows:

Stage E: Lane 2: Bonus Stage

Stage F: Lane 1: Bunnygirl warp to J/K juncture.

Stage J: Lane 4: Nurse

Stage K: Lane 3: Bonus Stage

Stage L: Lane 1: Bunnygirl warp to P

Stage P: Lane 1: Bonus Stage

Stage R: Lane 4: Bonus Stage

Stage S: Lane 4: Bunnygirl warp to Z

Stage U: Lane 4: Nurse

Stage V: Lane 4: Nurse

Stage Z: Lane 3: Bonus Stage

Production credits

STAFF しょうかい
  • Player: おきゃくさま
  • ざこ: こっくよみ . おいわ, カッパ64 . かえでてんぐ, つぼかかえ . まぬけねこ, しっくいさん . マヌーこおもり, グラサンアツコ . セーラーけい, タバあに . タバおとうと, がまぐちうお . タコ2とうへい, だっとかげ . サボリンZ, フレアー3せい . はくしゃくペンギン, ピッカリボーイ . マウスドラゴン, からまんぼーや
  • えいえんのライバル: ダルマン
  • ちゅうボス: じゃがしん, ししおう, ぶんぼうこうてい, うさちゃんおうじ
  • おおボス: たけみなかたのかみ
  • かみさま: いざなき
  • すけっと: こゆきちゃん
  • Planing: まさと こはた
  • Programer: けんいち いわなが
  • Designer: まさと こはた, けい かやじま
  • Music: まつだいら あこ, マニピー かわさき, じゅんや こざかい
  • Propaganda: SAX おおの, かりあげ とーま, だあくん かとり
  • Special Thanks: みのる きどおか, たばた あに, きんご ひらく, ハスラー しおち, まさひで トミー, かつとし おざわ, きよ やたがい, のぶゆき おはら, ひでき はっとり, カナダ りえ, はせガマ, おがピー, 11びょう しらはま, さらまわし どい, ラス . なおみ, おたべ とーこ
  • Producer: 2CV くまくら
    • : はにい おんざ ろおど
    • : さばくの ハイウェイ
    • : SHADOW
    • : こおりの しまで
    • : ステイト オブ マインド
    • : GO GO TRAIN
    • : つんたん ちんとんつん
    • : SPRING
    • : DRAGON
    • : スイス
    • : ゆうわくの タンゴ
    • : ペトロイカ
    • : アラビアのひ
    • : マザー アース
    • : TATAMI
    • : KAMABOKO
    • : TENSION
    • : じごくの ワルツ
    • : TV ゲーム
    • : ダイアモンド ラプソディー
    • : きみのまちに
  • Designed by: ARC
  • Produced by: Sankindo, Face Corporation
Source: In-game credits (JP)

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PC Engine
CRC32 9897FA86
MD5 7F242F75AC7A737B77B3CB388FCE52E9
SHA-1 67E7FD05E40C08A7E353501E1940EF1EC5AE8B05
393,216 Card (JP)