Donkey Kong 3 Dai Gyakushuu

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Donkey Kong 3 Dai Gyakushuu
System(s): PC-8801, PC-6601
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Licensor: Nintendo
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
¥5,800 YA-2007

¥5,800 14-1007


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Donkey Kong 3 Dai Gyakushuu (ドンキーコング3 大逆襲) is a sequel to the Nintendo arcade game, Donkey Kong 3. It was released for a variety of Japanese home computers in late 1984, including the PC-8801 and PC-6601.

Dai Gyakushuu is essentially a stripped down Donkey Kong 3, removing Stanley the Bugman's ability to jump on platforms and the need to protect plants, and replacing these mechanics with something more akin to Galaxian or Galaga. Like Donkey Kong 3 the objective is still to shoot Donkey Kong until he is pushed off the top of the screen, however the game loops indefinitely with no obvious "conclusion" to the story. The game sees Stanley chase Donkey Kong into the countryside, through space and eventually onto an alien planet.

While Nintendo own the characters their input, like many of these Hudson Soft conversions, was likely minimal. Donkey Kong 3 Dai Gyakushuu has not been acknowledged by Nintendo since this game's release.

Physical scans

PC-8801 version

PC-8801, JP
DonkeyKong3DG PC8801 JP Box.jpg

PC-6601 version

PC-6601, JP
DonkeyKong3DG PC6601 JP Box Front.jpg