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On the title screen, press HOLD  RUN . This screen includes lives and difficulty settings as well as a sound test.

More credits

When the "1 Player Only" screen appears after pressing  RUN  on the title screen, press (a variant of the Konami code) to earn another credit. Keep entering the code again to earn more credits, though the counter cannot exceed 9 credits - entering the code again at that point will make it loop back to 1.

Unused content

Debug menu

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A debug menu is coded into the game, though requires patching a headerless ROM[1] to access it. Once enabled, the following options are listed on the title screen:

  • GAME START: Stars the game as normal.
  • STAGE SELECT: A stage select.
  • BG test: A map editor. Move the cursor with the D-Pad (hold or to make it move faster), hold  SELECT  and any direction on the D-Pad to change layers, press  SELECT + to open the gate at the end of the level, and press  RUN  to exit.
  • Sound: A sound test.
  • SP test: A sprite test.
  • ENDING: Displays the ending.
  • OPTION: Displays the normal options screen (see above).

Hidden text

Located at ROM address 0xFF261:

* Special thanks *
Alfa Syatem





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