Chikudenya Toubei: Kubikiri Yakata Yori

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Chikudenya Toubei: Kubikiri Yakata Yori
Publisher: Naxat Soft
System(s): PC Engine
Genre: Adventure

Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥6,700 NX89004


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Chikudenya Toubei: Kubikiri Yakata Yori (逐電屋藤兵衛 首斬り館より)

Production credits

  • ぷろぐらま: きりこ, みっく, とんがり, とうきょうぶんめい
  • おんがく: きーす
  • : うめまろ あーるえっくす, きしし, のんじ
  • きゃくほん: いわい じゅうろう
(C) Bit2
Naxat Soft
Source: In-game credits (JP)

Magazine articles

Main article: Chikudenya Toubei: Kubikiri Yakata Yori/Magazine articles.

Physical scans

PC Engine, JP

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
PC Engine
MD5 230232534784E6B36C0E8B5DF1572CBC
SHA-1 75805BFD024C105BF450D5367953D0F9D4517EEF
524,288 Card (JP)
PC Engine
CRC32 84098884
MD5 8649845540952B77BAA7A8AD9B2BA36C
SHA-1 D35065EA90324765742CFBD1B72AA56ACC585F98
524,288 Card (JP) Alt