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Sound test

BlazingLazers TG16 SoundTest.png

During the opening sequence or on the title screen, press HOLD  SELECT  . To use the sound test, press and to select a sound, to play the selected sound and to stop any music playing. To exit, reset the system.

Level select

Enter the sound test above, highlight any sound ID other than 01, then press , , then  SELECT  21 times. This will make the sound ID display 01. Highlight any value between 00 and 09, then press  RUN  to start from that level. Selecting any other value may hang the game on a black screen.

Additionally, hold + when pressing  RUN  to start with 10 lives and 10 bombs.


Enable the level select above, highlight 57 and press . This will replay the opening sequence. Start the game as normal.

Mode select

BlazingLazers TG16 ModeSelect.png

During the opening sequence or on the title screen, hold  SELECT  and press + repeatedly until the "Mode select" screen appears.

Press  SELECT  to toggle between the "NORMAL DOG" and "HARD HUMAN" difficulty levels. Repeat the same button code above on this screen to enable the "SUPER MANIA" difficulty, and again to enable the "GOD OF GAME" difficulty. After choosing a difficulty, reset the game (HOLD  RUN  SELECT ) so the difficulty change can take effect.

30 continues

On the title screen, press HOLD  SELECT  RUN  and keep both buttons held until gameplay begins.

View ending

When the opening sequence begins, hold and repeatedly press  RUN  until the ending plays.


Blazing Lazers

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