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Hourglass underflow

AiChouAniki SCDROM2 Bug HourglassUnderflow1.png

Die as the second-to-last hourglass expires...

AiChouAniki SCDROM2 Bug HourglassUnderflow2.png

The HUD will glitch, and...

AiChouAniki SCDROM2 Bug HourglassUnderflow3.png

Where did the hourglass man go?

AiChouAniki SCDROM2 Bug HourglassUnderflow4.png

Oh, he's back with more hourglasses!

First, have only two hourglasses remaining and let the second-to-last hourglass run out. When it starts blinking, die, and the HUD will glitch, causing the muscle man in the hourglass counter to disappear. This will prevent the game from ending if this hourglass expires, and when the player dies, 10 more hourglasses will suddenly appear and the game will keep going. This bug can be repeated as many times as the player needs.

Not fixed in any version.


Ai Chou Aniki

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