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For the North American model, see TurboGrafx-16.
TurboGrafx logo.png
Manufacturer: NEC
Release Date RRP Code
£? HES-TGX-11
?Ptas HES-TGX-11
23,700 PTE HES-TGX-11


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The TurboGrafx is the European variant of the TurboGrafx-16.

After the US release of the TurboGrafx-16, NEC got cold feet upon seeing the sales numbers and decided to cancel their planned European releases. All of the stock planned for release in Europe - US systems modified to run on PAL televisions - was instead sold to various distributors to handle themselves. As well as having a different logo, the European TurboGrafx is a lighter shade of grey than its American counterpart.

Internally, it's more or less identical to the US system, with some minor changes to make it work with European televisions - it's been downclocked to 50hz and an additional Sony CXA1145 chip intercepts the NTSC video output and converts it to something more PAL-friendly.

PAL-specific TurboChips were never produced. Instead, all US games will run on a European console without any modding, although due to the downclocking there may be slowdown and/or timing bugs.


The UK's allotment of consoles was bought up and handled by Telegames, who elected to sell the console via mail-order. Telegames reportedly found supporting the system difficult, as PAL consoles would no longer be manufactured, resulting in limited supplies.

In Portugal, the console was imported and distributed out of Lisbon by Loto S.A, during the summer of 1993[1].

Physical scans

TurboGrafx UK Box Front.jpg