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TennoKoeBank PCE Card.jpg
Fast facts on the Ten no Koe Bank
Manufacturer: NEC
Made for: PC Engine
Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥3,880 HC692

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The Ten no Koe Bank is a device released by Hudson Soft to allow CD-ROM² games to save data.

The Ten no Koe Bank offers 8kB of save data (or 8,000 blocks) - four times the number of the standard CD-ROM² unit, and is prestented in HuCard form, meaning unlike previous storage solutions, it does not need access to the PC Engine's expansion slot.

The Ten no Koe Bank uses a CR2320 "button" battery to retain save data (as opposed to the supercapacitor solution used in CD-ROM² hardware). This has its own disadvantage, however, as the battery cannot be replaced without damaging the HuCard shell.

Physical scans

PC Engine, JP


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