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UK history

I have yet to decide where to put this (also conscious magref doesn't work on NEC Retro but whatever):

Japan launch in October 1987, but UK developers were not given access to units until after launch and were made to sign non-disclosure agreementsTemplate:Magref. Japanese demand outstripped supply - UK launch unlikely in the near future.

Rare Ltd. took delivery of one in December 1987, after six months still preferred the NESTemplate:Magref

Ocean also had one - "it's nice"Template:Magref so did GO! (U.S. Gold publishing label)

Stock Computers, Elford Street, Ashby de lad Zouch, Leicestershire LE6 5JU - "the place to keep your eye on"Template:Magref

September/October 1988: NEC "haven't decided whether the PC Engine should ever be released outside of the Japanese market". Definitely not happening in 1988Template:Magref. NEC have "no plans" for EuropeTemplate:Magref. Grey imports start late 1988Template:Magref

February/March 1989 - MicromediaTemplate:Magref claims to be a distributor. Imports 1,000 units from JapanTemplate:Magref, sells to retailers Software Plus, Telegames, SupervisionTemplate:Magref. £289.95 + £159.95 for "TV interface", versus the £110-£130 asking price in JapanTemplate:Magref. NEC still have no plansTemplate:Magref. CompetitionTemplate:Magref.

TGM UK 17.pdf

April/May 1989 - Mention Technical Services offer a PC Engine (+ PAL converter) for £159.95Template:Magref

July/August 1989 - NEC starts making public announcements that there are no official distributors in Europe, and that NEC (UK) Ltd. will not respond to service calls for grey market importsTemplate:Magref

October/November 1989 - "PC Engine Services" starts selling pirated copies of Tiger Heli because official copies had run outTemplate:Magref

January/February 1990 - No SuperGrafx for the UK. There are only 50,000 in Japan, and even the grey importers will struggle to get anyTemplate:Magref

September/October 1990 - will definitely be launched in 1991Template:Magref