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| name=
| maker=
| maker=
| distributor=[[Sunpronic]] (CZ/SK)
| distributor=[[Sunpronic]]  
| variants=
| variants=
| add-ons=
| add-ons=

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Super Engine II console.jpg
Super Engine II
Distributor: Sunpronic
Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
2600 [1] ?


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The Super Engine II is an unlicensed clone of the PC Engine. It was sold in the Czech Republic by Sunpronic from 1993. There is also a less known first console model.

It has controllers similar to Super Nintendo .

Magazine articles

Main article: Super Engine II/Magazine articles.

Promotional material


Physical scans

Super Engine II, CZ
Super Engine II box front.jpg
SuperEngineII EN Manual.png
Manual (ENG)
Préhled her Super Engine II

Video Games

The games were distributed in special packages with the words Super Engine on them and cost from 400 to 700 Kc. They were divided into series A, B and C. Here is a list of known games (may not be complete):