Parodius Da! Shinwa kara Owarai e

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ParodiusDa title.png
Parodius Da! Shinwa kara Owarai e
Publisher: Konami
System(s): PC Engine
Original system(s): Arcade boards
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
PC Engine
¥9,800 KM92003


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Parodius Da! Shinwa kara Owarai e (パロディウスだ! -神話からお笑いへ-)

Production credits

  • Main Programmer: Chichibinta Tsukasa
  • Sub-Programmer: Nishikawa The Villain
  • Character Designer: Kayo Chan, Hobibi Igou, Mika Chan, Midorin-, Yoshino
  • Sound: -Cameo- Matano, -Doc.- Umeno
  • Visual Designer: Matsuda Pirochi
  • Special Thanks: A.Nagata, K.Hashimoto, Pigs Team Members, ---And You!
(C) 1990,1992 Konami
All Rights Reserved
We Love Gradius I
Source: In-game credits (JP)

Magazine articles

Main article: Parodius Da! Shinwa kara Owarai e/Magazine articles.

Physical scans


PC Engine, JP
ParodiusDa PCE JP Box Back.jpgParodiusDa PCE JP Box Front.jpg
ParodiusDa PCE JP Card.jpg
ParodiusDa!ShinwakaraOwaraie PCE HuCard JP Manual.pdf

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
PC Engine
CRC32 647718F9
MD5 39F5F51E066E2D7874EFCFF7D6F394EF
SHA-1 5110DCC06EFD1DAAEB98305378D818519DA88D28
1,048,576 Card (JP)


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